Benefits of Private Money Lending for Small Business Owners with Tony Calloway

Adam Torres and Tony Calloway discuss private money lending.

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Show Notes:

Private money lending has long been the source of capital that many have used for their businesses. Those who haven’t considered it as an option may want to reconsider. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Tony Calloway, Managing Partner at Private Money Syndicate and Host of The Mind Your Business Show, explore the benefits of private money lending for small business owners.

About Tony Calloway 

Tony E. Calloway is the Private Money Syndicate’s Managing Partner. He has over 30 years of comprehensive experience in the real estate investment, private lending and financial services industries. He is also an adjunct professor of business, marketing and personal finance. In his previous career in the US Army, he was a highly decorated intelligence officer who served in Desert Storm/Desert Shield and provided national-level intelligence to Post 9/11 military operations in Afghanistan.

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