Benefits of Qigong with Chris Shelton

Adam Torres and Chris Shelton discuss Qigong.

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Show Notes:

Qigong has been a vital part of Eastern wellness for many years. In the West, many have still not explored it’s potential benefits. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Chris Shelton, Founder and CEO at Morning Crane Healing Arts Center, explore the benefits of Qigong.

About Morning Crane Healing Arts Center

Morning Crane Healing Arts Center is dedicated increase the awareness of all people to promote health, vitality, and natural healing through movement, meditation, manual therapy, and encouragement. Their goal is to offer the best in instructional classes ranging from the soft internal meditative classes like Tai Chi and Chi Gung to classes that pump you up, stretch you, and get you strong and sweaty with Power Pilates, yoga, and Cardio kickboxing. As well as health informational classes like Chinese Nutrition, Feng Shui, and Home Remedies classes.

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