Benefits of Social Selling with Christina Mascaro

Adam Torres and Christina Mascaro discuss social selling.

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Show Notes:

Social selling has become a buzzword in many business circles. But social selling is often misunderstood. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Christina Mascaro, Founder of The Bronze Finch, explore social selling best practices and strategies. 

About Christina Mascaro

Christina Mascaro  has had so many experiences in her short lifetime so far on how to create content that is appealing and effective. The current journey is how to make my effectiveness more efficient so she can help more people and then grow and scale.

That included shutting down half her hustles and writing a few books. Now she is working through how to optimize the project she has in front of her. She enjoys leading others without the ‘fluff’ of industry terminology.She likes to tell stories and work one-on-one and develop not just the business but the people behind the business…after all, that’s truly what branding is!

Christina Mascaro is constantly learning new things and if that means taking the initiative to find resources for her clients, then that’s what I do.
The focus right now is to take her ideas and theories and hunches and put data and proof behind them so new clients and startups can see that her decisions are quality ones.

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