Benefits of Virtual Workspaces with Jessica Woodson

Adam Torres and Jessica Woodson discuss virtual workspaces. 

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Show Notes:

Virtual workspaces are cost effective and responsible for the growth of many businesses. Have you considered how virtual workspaces can benefit your business? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jessica Woodson, Founder of Modello Management, explore virtual workspaces and how they can be effectively implemented.  

About Jessica Woodson 

Jessica Woodson is project coordinator with more than 5 years of experience in directing cross-functional teams and coordinating complex projects to reach company objectives. Resourceful leader with the ability to prepare and deliver reports, supervise personnel, and communicate effectively to enhance operational efficiency. She is a skilled professional adept at optimizing resources and producing results to meet company needs. Detail-oriented thinker with strong interpersonal skills and a dedication to customer satisfaction. 

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