Best Practices for Startups with Shawn Flynn

Adam Torres and Shawn Flynn discuss startup strategies.

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Show Notes:

The startup world is full of challenges. Best practices can serve as a lighthouse for businesses navigating choppy waters. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Shawn Flynn, Head of Incubation at a Global Accelerator, Investment Banker and Host of The Silicon Valley Podcast, explore startup best practices founders should know.

About Shawn Flynn 

Shawn spent over 4 years living and conducting business in Beijing, China. After successfully founding and growing a profitable education company, he has since moved back to San Francisco to invest his experience, connections, and resources back into the startup ecosystem. Regularly working with incubators, accelerators, angel groups, VC, local governments, and institutions to promote economic growth. He has helped several companies through his work with Techcode land and set-up operations in Silicon Valley as well as Silicon Valley companies set up offices, partnerships, and funding relationships overseas. Shawn is the founder of Silicon Valley Successes a television show that features Entrepreneurs and the people that work with them and is the host of  The Silicon Valley Podcast where he has interviewed some of the biggest names in tech.    He is passionate about building a bridge that connects Silicon Valley and the rest of the world.

Shawn lives in San Francisco and practices Brazilian Jujitsu, Salsa Dancing and has a passion for learning about languages and cultures.

About TechCode Accelerator US

TechCode is committed to building the world’s leading entrepreneurship ecosystem. Integrating a wide range of global resources, TechCode has established 24 incubators in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Gu’An, Silicon Valley, Boston, Seoul, Finland, Tel Aviv, and Berlin to help startups streamline their growth and expansion into new markets. As a global innovation service operator, Techcode has multiple business lines including incubator operation, startup acceleration, corporate innovation, and regional innovation.

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