Bootstrapping and Business Modeling a Start Up with Sergey Spisovskiy

Adam Torres and Sergey Spisovskiy discuss what it takes to bootstrap a company.

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Show Notes:

  • Bootstrapping
  • Burn rate
  • Raising capital

What is the best way to start a company? Should you bootstrap or raise capital? In this episode, Adam Torres and Sergey Spisovskiy, Co Founder & CEO at Guard Home Warranty and SP Fence Company, explore the pros and cons of raising capital to fund a company versus bootstrapping.

About Sergey Spisovskiy

Sergey is a driven entrepreneur with a proven record of success across multiple businesses. Through his strategic vision and execution, he has led his companies to successes including being listed in the INC 5000, and reaching millions in sales.

About Guard Home Warranty

Guard Home Warranty protects you and your family from the untimely and surprisingly expensive repair or replacement costs to your essential appliances and mechanical systems.

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