Brad Barbera Launches Digital Courses

Adam Torres and Brad Barbera discuss Brad’s new digital courses.

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Show Notes:

Innovation, strategic planning and execution are on the top of the list for most businesses. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Brad Barbera, Founder & Chief Enabler of Strategic Innovation at Pi Innovation, explore Brad’s new digital courses and how it’s students will benefit from the content.

About Brad Barbera

Brad is the author of “Keep Innovation Simple – Lead with Clarity and Focus in a World of Constant Change,” soon to be expanded to a second edition with even more Brussels sprouts jokes and footnotes than ever before. In addition to researching and writing, Brad is a speaker, strategic storyboarder, consultant, trainer, and coach for innovative executives. He helps businesses and nonprofits to create and execute effective strategies, systematize their innovation efforts, and nurture a culture of innovation that will drive success in fulfilling their missions.

Whether a startup or a multi-national, a commercial business or a nonprofit, Brad can help you find the insights you need to create new products and services, achieve success in the marketplace, and operate as efficiently and effectively as possible. And, hopefully, have a little fun in the process. Or a lot.

Find out more at http://www.bradbarbera.com

About Pi Innovation LLC

Deep domain knowledge is critical to successful innovation — but it isn’t enough.  You need deep domain knowledge, PLUS deep business expertise, PLUS a broad knoweldge across many disparate fields. In short, you need to be Pi-shaped.

Pi Innovation will help get you there.  

Pi Innovation LLC was founded for the purpose of ensuring that innovators of all types are able to apply the best known practices for successfully delivering new goods and services to their customers.  In particular, Pi focuses on small to midsize organizations, both commercial and not-for-profit, to structure their innovation practices around a reliable and proven framework. Decades of real-world professional experience, built on a strong academic foundation, are brought to bear against strategic and tactical issues. 

Pi leverages an extensive network of individuals and organizations who have skills and expertise in all aspects of new product development.  Thought leaders with deep domain knowledge will ensure that your issues are resolved effectively.

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