Brain Health and Morning Routines with Adam Von Rothfelder

Adam Torres and Adam Von Rothfelder discuss brain health and morning routines.

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Show Notes:

Proper brain health and a consistent morning routine can make all the difference during the day. What you put in your coffee cup can be a big part of your overall success. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Adam Von Rothfelder, CEO at Strong Coffee Company, explore how Strong Coffee is doing it’s part to help it’s customers by enhancing the coffee drinking experience.

About Strong Coffee Company

At STRONG they believe in telling it like it is. We’re tired of bottom feeder commentary from those who hope instead of hustle. They’re a community of doers and first steppers knowing damn well time is one of their most precious commodities. By access to people, products & knowledge STRONG is here to help you tackle your day; by making sure the first thing you put in your body is not only of the utmost quality, but formulated to optimize your mind and body. You set out to earn the day – they’re here to help you crush it!

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