Brain Health: Sleep, Water, Hope – Cody Isabel

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Your brain is an incredible listener. It will take what you tell it and do what you want.

Why is that important to know in midlife?

Because it can mean the difference between a lousy aging journey and a fantastic aging journey.

Cody and I talk about the importance of what you believe. We talk about what’s really going on in your brain when you sleep. We talk about why water is so important.

But best of all, Cody shares why we should have hope. Our brains aren’t declining as much as we were told they do when we get older. There’s so much more going on in the brain.

Listen to this episode and be encouraged.

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Cody Isabel serves as the CEO and Co-Founder of Rewrite and Rise, which is a Mind Brain and Body Lab that focuses on bringing successful treatment outcomes to those healing from emotional abuse, burnout, or an identity crisis like after a breakup or during a quarter-life crisis.

He and his team use biometric & behavioral data to aid in the treatments they provide their clients. Their mission is to provide better ways to objectively measure, diagnose, and treat individual mental health conditions.

Cody also serves as the Co-Founder of CBAi, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Company that specializes in building AI more like a human brain, where he contributes brain architecture & anatomy knowledge as well as does internal coaching with all the developers & team to prevent burnout while optimizing productivity.

Together, these two companies are working to create affordable Human-Machine Neurotechnology devices & software tools to help people regulate mental & emotional health, heal trauma, live a healthy lifestyle, and edit beliefs and behaviors faster than ever before.

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