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“John is a world class customer success leader!…” Thiago Teodoro – Director of Product Management & Product Strategy, Malwarebytes

”…I have a high regard for John’s ability to lead and mentor others. And while I can deeply laud his work ethic, grace in receiving feedback, and love of technology, it is his sense of humor, humility, and partnership that I will miss the most…” Scott Morris – Head of Strategic Advocacy, MobileIron

”…John brings a combination of relationship management, technical and business acumen to the table that makes him stand out in any organization. His attention to detail to do right by the company and by his customers is always front and center…” Parnaz Rafatjou – Chief of Staff & Head of Business Operations, MobileIron

”…What makes John a critical part to any team is his ability to affect change in

others, both up (other executives), down (his reports), and laterally (other groups)…” Frank Walsh – Vice President of Solution Architecture (Global), Malwarebytes

Specialties: Customer loyalty program, customer success program, branding and client services experience, mentorship, technical support management, and bi-lingual (Mandarin).

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