Break Through From The Inside Out in 2022!

Adam Torres and Sue Mohr discuss the benefits of coaching. 

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Show Notes:

Happy New Year! In this episode,  Adam Torres and Sue Mohr, Master Certified Life, Business & Enneagram Coach at The Inner Vizion, explore how to make 2022 a successful year both personally and professionally.  

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About Sue Mohr

Sue Mohr, a Master Certified Life, Business, Enneagram Coach/Consultant, states that deep within each of us lies unique gifts. She created The Inner Vizion Coaching in 2003 and has been in the creative and music industry for over 20 years. Sue has a unique way of moving the immovable, by helping peel back layer by layer from the walls that people spent a lifetime building.  She is a road-maker, an encourager, and a teacher who is on a quest to help you uncover and re-discover your vision. 

Along with having an active practice as a coach and consultant, Sue sat as the Executive Director for a TV show in Franklin, TN for over 12 years.  

About The Inner Vizion

Solution Focused Business Consulting :: Business Coaching Sue provides two vital resources to choose from for effective business planning and implementation The Discovery Process.