Brendon Baker Releases Valuable Change: What You Need to Know to Ensure Your Change Pays Off

Adam Torres and Brendon Baker discuss “Valuable Change.”

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Show Notes:

New book alert! In this episode,  Adam Torres interviewed Brendon Baker, Founder and Managing Director of Valuable Change Co. Explore Brendon’s book, Valuable Change: What You Need to Know to Ensure Your Change Pays Off.

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About Valuable Change Co.

The Valuable Change Co. was founded on one central mission: Help Change Leaders Drive Real Value. 

In a world filled with armies of consulting graduates sitting in dimly-lit rooms retroactively justifying why the latest ‘transformational’ initiative went ahead… We at VC Co. are converting others to a radical new idea: Keep it simple. 

Each of you is involved in changing your organization, whether you know it or not. The issue is the industry has over-complicated it. From the obtuse jargon and untold reams of paperwork. It’s just too hard, too confusing and too academic. You don’t have time for that. No one does.

Whether you’re leading a massive, multi-million dollar, cross-organisational program, or you need to create a fundamental shift in your own teams – Valuable Change Co. can help. They will never ‘borrow your watch to tell you the time’. They avoid conflicted and self-serving advice by only entering into engagements that make sense for both parties. They strive upfront to align their goals with yours. Their core is built on honesty and integrity. They want your change to succeed. They want your people to succeed. They want you to succeed. They will always tell you honestly and directly how to achieve that.