Brick and Mortar Businesses Benefit from Location Based Marketing with Sneh Parmar

Adam Torres and Sneh Parmar discuss how retail spaces can drive new traffic into their locations.

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Show Notes:

In order for brick and mortar businesses to continue to remain competitive with the rise of ecommerce, new ways of engaging customers is needed. In this episode, Adam Torres and Sneh Parmar, Co-Founder & CEO at Lucky Mobility, explore how business can drive new sources of traffic using location based marketing.

About Lucky Mobility

Lucky’s platform enables omni-channel brands to engage with people at the right time and location to generate foot traffic to their physical stores. Our location-based Lucky Moments API collects consumer insights and audience profiles to personalize rewards that is given to a user to push them to visit a physical store. By integrating into location-driven apps and brands’ own web and mobile e-commerce touchpoints, we deliver user engagement leading to customers showing up to the brand’s location. Audience data, decisions, and preferences are easy to analyze by brands for further optimization. We believe that the experience of inviting users into your physical stores should be special and personalized, so we created a solution that specifically increases in-store traffic and creates unique consumer rewards.

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