Bridging the Gap Between Great People and Great Work

Adam Torres and Jennifer Byrne discuss creating opportunities in the workplace. 

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Show Notes:

Jennifer’s passion is using technology to create empowerment opportunities for everyone, not just corporate leaders and members of the tech sector. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jennifer Byrne, CEO of Arrived Workforce Connections, explore what it takes to bring great people together with great opportunities in the workplace. 

About Jennifer Byrne

Jennifer is a technology advocate working toward a future where everybody has the tools to thrive in a digital world. As a veteran of the tech industry, including as the CTO for Microsoft’s US Division,She understands the business of technology, having been a leader in both business and technical roles: leading sales and engineering teams, creating strategic initiatives, and building new ventures that generated $10M – 100M in revenue.

Jennifer began her  professional life in the non-profit world, serving vulnerable populations which is where I learned that creating positive change starts with seeing the world through someone else’s eyes.

About Arrived Workforce Connections

Connecting people to work could be solved with a digital platform built for employers and the Staffing industry, and a mobile app that empowers workers. They made it simple to adopt a staffing app on your own terms.The technology offers seamless Applicant Tracking System integration for efficient workflows. No ATS, no problem! The software can operate as a stand-alone program right out of the box.