BroadwAI is Changing How Tickets are Purchased on Broadway with Micah Hollingworth

Adam Torres and Micah Hollingworth discuss BroadwAI’s technology.

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Show Notes:

Guests are now able to leverage BroadwAI’s technology to purchase tickets to world-renowned musicals such as Wicked, and the longest-running musical in Broadway history, The Phantom of the Opera.  In this episode, Adam Torres and Micah Hollingworth, Co-Founder and CEO at BroadwAI, discuss how BroadwAI is creating a better ticket buying experience for theatre goers.

About Micah Hollingworth

Two decades of experience in creating, operating and marketing live events. Strong Entrepreneurial skills and tendencies including strategic planning, fundraising and execution.

Passionate about my work and the people I work with. I’ve lead diverse teams, often in heavily unionized environments.

Currently partnered with Satis.fi to bring a concierge and ticket sales platform to live events powered by AI and NLP technology.

About BroadwAI

We merge bleeding edge AI technology with our Broadway sales and marketing experience to recreate the customer conversation from the box office window; moving that conversation to the web through show branded digital platforms, like Facebook Messenger or on your own website.

Our platform allows you to interact and retain your customers with real time dialogue – from more information about the show, theater access information, or which ticket purchase option suits them best.

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