Building a Company that Heavily Values Company Culture with Sidney Quitorio

Adam Torres and Sidney Quitorio  discuss company culture. 

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Show Notes:

Having a strong company culture can be the difference maker in many companies. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Sidney Quitorio, CEO & Founder at Native Leaf Co, explore what it takes to build a strong company culture that lasts.   

About Native Leaf Co.

Native Leaf Co empowers those who challenge what it means to smoke naturally by providing them with the first real hemp wrap made by slowly curing fan leaves that are native to the plant they love smoking. For a long time, papers were our only option. They made it work. But they were still wrapping their herbs in nasty, processed paper. Then came natural wraps. Better, but something was missing. Something obvious. Why are we still smoking unnatural wraps that aren’t native to the plant? Enter Native Leaf – you get 100% whole hemp leaves straight from the plant you love smoking. It’s time to stop settling for good enough and smoke your best.

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