Building a Strategic Business Plan in Just One Hour with Jim Hernandez

Adam Torres and Jim Hernandez discuss Jim’s 12 step business plan structure.

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Show Notes:

Think a meaningful strategic business plan can be created in an hour? You are in for a treat. In this episode, Adam Torres and Jim Hernandez, President of Strategic Business Communications (SBC), delve into Jim’s 12 step process for creating a business plan.

About Jim Hernandez

As the President and CRO of Strategic Business Communications, Inc., I was able to grow the company from a three person consulting firm to a mid seven figure, award winning company. I have extensive experience in sales and marketing, having worked with more than 30 different companies, in 31 countries, on four continents as a speaker, motivator, consultant and coach.

As an international sales, management and marketing consultant, I have worked, from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses. In addition, I participated in the National Advisory Board with MYM, the board of directors of international companies, and acted as a guest lecturer in Sales and Marketing at the University of San Diego. As a native speaker in English and Spanish, with practical knowledge of Portuguese, I have been able to work implementing measurable, results-based marketing plans in many cultures. My responsibilities include a wide variety of areas, from running and managing our growing business, to the task of helping other companies grow and develop their own businesses around the world.

About SBC

SBC employs a team of individuals who adhere to the company’s mission statement To Optimize every Opportunity with Zealous Enthusiasm (OOZE). Alongside this mission statement, SBC delivers the following services:

• Meeting and Event planning and logistics
• Research that help businesses improve results by learning more about their customers and employees
• Develops and delivers training and consulting that improves overall sales results… Guaranteed!

Through Management Training and Consulting, Strategic Sales and Marketing Planning, complete Corporate Event Planning Logistics and Coordination, and Consumer/Employee Market Research. Our goal with every client is to help them optimize every business opportunity by carefully researching its customers and industry combined with effective strategic planning, sound business management, tools, creativity, and resources to create programs that produce desired results.  For more information, visit www.sbcinc.info.

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