Building Apps for Businesses

Adam Torres and Jaxon Repp discuss building apps for businesses. 

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Show Notes: 

HarperDB is a fast distributed database platform for developers looking to quickly build apps while saving companies money. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jaxon Repp, Field CTO at HarperDB, explore how HarperDB helps software development teams succeed.   

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About HarperDB

HarperDB is a distributed data and application platform that is orders of magnitude faster than alternatives. With HarperDB you get unprecedented flexibility, performance, and ease of use for all deployment scenarios including cloud, edge, on-prem, peer-to-peer, and multi-deployment use cases.

As the only database truly built for edge computing, HarperDB is working with large organizations in gaming, media, telecom, and government sectors to distribute applications and their data to the edge to reduce latency and complexity while cutting costs.