Building Employee Engagement with Mark Herbert

Adam Torres and Mark Herbert discuss employee engagement.

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Show Notes:

Employee engagement can mean the difference between the success and failure of an organisation. But how many of us have a specific strategy to cultivate employee engagement? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Mark Herbert, Managing Principal at New Paradigms LLC, explore the employee engagement and what employers need to know. 

About Mark Herbert 

Mark Herbert in the new reality an intimate relationship with your stakeholders has to begin before you offer a product, service, or solution. Creating this relationship with your internal and external stakeholders is what high performing organizations do brilliantly. The competition for customers and talent is fierce.

Mark Herbert’s goal is to build “cults” for his client organizations. There is such a degree of alignment around values and value there is no “line” for employees and customers where we stop and they begin.
They are committed- physically, psychologically, and emotionally impelled. They gladly give up other choices.

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