Building Energy Audits With Accurate Results

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In this episode of The Value Engineering Experts Podcast, Host Martin Halliwell talks with Tayber Yastremski, President at Sustainable Projects Group (SPG) . Tayber was born into the world of energy and sustainability growing up in a household of entrepreneurs and clean energy innovators. He was the youngest member in his community to present to council and successfully pass a program to implement a sustainable waste management system.

Calling Tayber a highly motivated individual is an understatement, he earned his Masters of Engineering in Clean Energy Engineering, holds a CEM and EP designation, is a board member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), and was awarded the Directors Inspirational Award by the Provincial government.

He is currently the president of Sustainable Projects Group where he has overseen more than 1000 energy audits and energy efficiency projects across Canada in industries ranging from industrial to commercial.

Tayber has been an active proponent in promoting energy efficiency across Canada and holds the energy seat on the board of directors for CANSEAT, a Canadian charity which works to bring sustainable design practices into Canadian Engineering.

Tayber presents to universities, boards, and energy managers on effective strategies for implementing energy efficiency into operations. He is guest lecturer for the Certified Energy Manager program where specialists in his industry earn their designation. Some of his co-presenters include Mr. Philip Owen, the former mayor of Vancouver and Graham Whitmarsh, a former member of the climate action secretariat.

Sustainable Projects Group is a design-build energy efficiency company working with industry leaders to help accomplish their energy savings goals by providing them with the expertise, knowledge and tools needed to do so.

They specialize in energy efficiency projects including LED lighting and control upgrades, lighting redesigns, high-efficiency boiler and HVAC system upgrades, maintenance and retro-commissioning of building systems and equipment, and more. The best way to identify projects that will yield the highest savings potential and shortest project paybacks is to conduct an energy audit of your facility and existing systems. They provide custom solutions to meet clients unique needs, utilizing only the best products, science and technology in the industry.

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Story Notes

  • Working in the Sustainability
  • Tayber Products
  • What is JOBI AI
  • Cooperation between Consultants
  • Solar Wall
  • EV Charger
  • Sources of Funding

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