Building Peer to Peer Relations with Tim Hayden

Adam Torres and Tim Hayden discuss peer to peer relations.

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Show Notes:

Building peer to peer relations is the goal of many organizations. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Tim Hayden, CEO & Managing Partner at Brain+Trust, explore the ins and outs of what it takes to successfully build peer to peer relations.  

About Tim Hayden

With more than 20 years of marketing and business leadership experience, Tim Hayden has been a founder of new ventures and a catalyst for transformational progress within some of the world’s largest brands.

Part social anthropologist, part strategic business executive, Tim studies human behavior and how media and mobility are reshaping all of business. From operations to marketing and customer service, he assembles technology and communications initiatives that lead to efficiency and revenue growth.

A past and current investor/advisor to technology startups, Tim actively works with entrepreneurs and ventures to capitalize on opportunities and shifts across many different industries.

Tim also proudly serves in executive board and volunteer leadership positions with non-profit organizations.

About Brain+Trust Partners

Helping brands and leaders make sense of an evolving marketplace, better understand their customers, and grow revenue, Brain+Trust Partners counsels companies and organizations with: 

* ​Strategic consulting and planning
* Data governance and privacy compliance
* Machine learning and business automation
* Iterative product/service development
* Human-centered design thinking

Our extended network of consultants and advisors is available to each client on an ad hoc basis to help you execute a strategic plan and grow revenue with confidence.

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