Building Resilience into Company DNA

Adam Torres and Steven McKean discuss building resilience.

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Show Notes:

When facing tough times for any business the resilience of the workforce is vital to moving forward. Is there a way to plan ahead in order to create a resilient workforce before a crisis arises?  In this episode,  Adam Torres and Steven McKean, Co-Founder and CEO at BILLSHARK, explore what it takes to build a thriving and resilient workforce.

About Steven McKean 

Steven is a marketing and technology entrepreneur that engages with companies to build their product, distribution and customer acquisition strategies. He has expertise in Business Development, Operations, Executive and Board roles. Steven is a CEO with proven success delivering impressive contributions to business growth and sustained profitability with top Fortune 500 companies. His career has encompassed both executive leadership positions in large corporations, Big 4 Public Accounting, as well smaller entrepreneurial companies. His passion is to Create – Grow – and Contribute.


At BILLSHARK, we want to fight for you. We started this business to help people break free from overpriced service bills. The more people we speak to, the more we understand that service providers can be difficult and time consuming to deal with. Most people feel they are overcharged, but few actually want to make the effort to fight for reduced rates.

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