Building Technology Companies Faster with Juan Montoya

Adam Torres and Juan Montoya discuss how to build technology companies faster and more efficiently.

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Show Notes:

The old “spray and pray” method of growing a tech company with marketing dollars is outdated. Their are betters ways to allocate dollars now.  In this episode, Adam Torres and Juan Montoya, Chief Cobuild Officer at Rokk3r, discuss how Rokk3r is helping tech companies scale both efficiently and effectively.

About Rokk3r

Rokk3r is a venture builder and the world’s first ‘cobuilding’ platform for entrepreneurs, corporations and investors to create exponential startups. As a partner, Rokk3r increases value, mitigates risk and helps to remain at the edge of innovation.

With a focus on leveraging exponential technologies (e.g., the blockchain, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things) and implementing new-age methods of raising capital, Rokk3r is harnessing the global collective genius to cobuild companies that change the world.

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