In this episode, we are delighted to speak with Cheryl Delk-Le Good and Haviva Parnes. We took time to discuss emerging trends in the English language industry and the role of EnglishUSA in providing up-to-date tools and resources for education and ELT professionals to empower their students, programs, and organizations better.

Cheryl Delk-Le Good has been active in international education for more than 25 years and has served as EnglishUSA’s Executive Director since 2015. She has served in multiple leadership positions during her career including President of EnglishUSA, Communications & Promotions Director for UCIEP, IEP Network Leader for the International Enrollment Management Knowledge Community for NAFSA, and Commissioner/Treasurer for the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation. 

For 15 years, Cheryl served as director and faculty of the Intensive English Program at Georgia State University. Prior to moving to Atlanta, she taught at Western Michigan University and Michigan State University. She has authored two ESL textbooks and has conducted multiple program and curriculum reviews, nationally and internationally. She earned her BA from Illinois Wesleyan University and MA degrees in French and TESOL from Michigan State University. 

Haviva Parnes, is the President of EnglishUSA and the US Head of Operations for EC English Language Centers. She oversees accreditation, licensing, and internal policies and procedures, as well as working with US Center Directors and Directors of Study. This is to ensure academic quality and consistency in EC schools. With over 20 years’ experience in the field, Haviva served on EnglishUSA’s board in an advocacy role from 2015-2017, and she is currently an ACCET commissioner.

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Story Notes:

  • Discovering Cheryl Delk-Le Good and Haviva Parnes’ pathways to successful international education careers
  • Analyzing the latest policies and data trends at English Language Centers
  • Discussing the importance of EnglishUSA and membership opportunities 
  • Learning about the benefits of having a language training visa
  • Exploring EnglishUSA advocacy efforts
  • Examining how demand has changed in the student housing market 

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