Building Trends in Chicago with James Oraha

Adam Torres and James Oraha discuss building trends.

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Show Notes:

Building trends in retail and other industries have changed over the years. Consumer behavior has driven much of the change. In this episode,  Adam Torres and James Oraha, Principle at Level Builders, explore current trends in building and design in the Chicago area. 

About James Oraha

Over the past 15 years, James Oraha has partnered with several individuals to open new ventures in sales and service industries all over Chicago. One after another, friends, family and acquaintances have come to James with a business idea and watched as he turned it into a successful venture. Whether it’s one of the finest Middle-Eastern quick-serve restaurants in the Midwest, a chain of lavish yet organic tanning spas or shoe stores targeted at a unique and discerning clientele, the result is always the same: success.

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