Building Trust Between Your Brand and Consumers with DJ Sprague

Adam Torres and DJ Sprague explore what it takes for a brand to build long term trust with its customers.

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Show Notes:

  • Social proof 
  • Secure process
  • Online reviews

Are you managing your brands reputations adequately? It’s not enough to just do good work anymore, now a strategic plan is needed to manage trust and online presence. In this episode, Adam Torres and DJ Sprague, CMO at Trust Brands, explore what brands can do to create a sense of trust between their consumers and product and how to maintain it once earned.

About Trust Brands

Trust impacts consumer decisions at every step of the buying process. Of the many things that a website owner can do to build customer trust, social proof and online security solutions are among the most effective. 

We help businesses: 

✔ increase online visibility, clicks and conversions up to 50% 

✔ better manage their online and offline reputations 

✔ maximize customer retention and loyalty 

Trust Brands’ four privately owned, customer-centric companies enhance your brand’s conversions and reputation by increasing customer trust. Each company has a unique goal: 

• Shopper Approved. Collects more merchant, product and video reviews quickly and easily, and displays them in more places. 

• Trust Guard. Protects thousands of website owners with 4 layers of protection from hackers and the 75,613 known vulnerabilities lurking online. 

• Local Reviews. Helping local businesses collect the most recent, relevant, raving reviews possible. 

• Cart Rocket. A customizable cart abandonment solution that reengages abandoning customers and brings them back to your website.

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