Business Sales Processes and Marketing Programs with Richard Rothstein

Adam Torres and Richard Rothstein sales processes and marketing platforms.

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Show Notes:

Sales processes and marketing platforms are two key components of any successful business. Without one or the other, the business may always be kept back from reaching its full potential. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Richard Rothstein, CEO of Rothstein Consulting, explore the benefits of having great sales processes and marketing platforms in place.

About Richard Rothstein 

Lawyers, Accountants, and Founders have enough on their plate, and they shouldn’t have to be the expert at everything. That’s where we come in. If it’s creating scripting, managing their social media, buying digital advertising for them or hiring a sales team for them, Rothstein Consulting is the firm they turn to.

Sales and Marketing are the most important parts of a company because they are that last mile in making a company successful. You can have the best products or services in the world, but if you don’t tell the world about it, it’s meaningless. If you don’t have the time or expertise to get this piece of your business going, calling in an expert to help guide you or do some of it for you is a great way to get started.

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