Buying a Business Can be Better than Going the Startup Route with Philip Arthurs

Adam Torres and Philip Arthurs explore buying businesses.

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Show Notes:

Should you buy a business or go the startup route? There are pros and cons to both. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Philip Arthurs, CPA, Business Buying Coach and Host of The Business Miner Podcast, explore what it takes to buy a business.

About Philip Arthurs

Philip is a follower of Christ, devoted husband, engaged father and a serial entrepreneur. He enjoys reading business and leadership books as he believes such books are a major part of gaining knowledge and wisdom from some of the smartest people on the planet. Professionally, he enjoys data analysis and financial reporting/analysis. He helps people become the entrepreneur everyone admires and respects by coaching them in buying a small business.

Specialties: Turnaround and M&A transaction advisory services, auditing and assurance services, internal controls design/testing, full disclosure financial statement preparation, business intelligence and data analytics.

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