Buying and Selling Restaurants with Jonathan Ferrini

Adam Torres and Jonathan Ferrini discuss buying and selling restaurants.

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Show Notes:

Buying and selling restaurants is a complicated proposition. Unlike traditional commercial real estate such as multifamily apartment buildings, there are other factors at play, like a P&L statement with many variables. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jonathan Ferrini, Senior Broker & Restaurant Consultant at Restaurant Realty Company, explore what it takes to buy and sell restaurants successfully.

About Jonathan Ferrini 

Jonathan Ferrini is a native of Southern California and grew up in the restaurant business. For the past thirty years, he has represented buyers, sellers, and tenants from throughout the world with commercial property lease negotiations and sales as well as restaurant business opportunity sales and purchases. In addition to serving his seller, buyer, and tenant clients in a commission based broker capacity, he routinely serves as a consultant for a flat fee.

Many of his clients have included sellers, buyers, or tenants seeking commercial property, restaurant business valuation, and lease negotiation services on a confidential basis without entering into exclusive sales, tenant representation, or buyer representation agreements. he’s saved many clients from making costly mistakes in the sale, lease, or purchase of commercial property or restaurant businesses. He encourages you to reach out to me with your specific requirements and allow me to offer the best strategy for moving forward.

About Restaurant Realty Company

Restaurant Realty Company was founded by Steven D. Zimmerman in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1996. Since inception the company has developed into the largest California restaurant brokerage specializing in sales, acquisitions and leasing of restaurants, bars and nightclubs with local representation in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego markets. Restaurant Realty’s brokers and agents are well versed in conducting deals with independent restaurant owners, landlords, buyers, and lessees of businesses and real estate, as well as larger ownership groups and  buyers of multi-unit operations, franchises and chains.

Restaurant Realty’s current brokers and agents have had great success completing transactions with over 2,000 clients, selling/leasing over 1,000 restaurants, and completing over 2,500 valuations. Restaurant Realty Company is open to clients throughout California that are interested in buying, selling or leasing restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Unlike general business brokerages or commercial real estate companies, Restaurant Realty is able to reach a niche audience of restaurateurs that are highly entrepreneurial and are generally looking for new deals specific to the space. All of our prospects have expressed interest in buying, selling and leasing restaurants, bars and clubs. This has resulted in us creating the largest proprietary database of prospective restaurant, bar and nightclub buyers in California.

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