Cali Born Brees Creation – Mills on the Mic

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In this episode, We highlight the Owner of Cali Born Brees Creations, Bree’Aunna Turman. Host Jen Mills and Bree discuss the amazing handmade items of the Cali Born Brees Creations and how she started creating the amazing handmade items. Watch this Mills on the Mic podcast episode to learn more about Bree’Aunna Turman and the Cali Born Brees Creations.

Watch Full Interview:

  • Amazing Chargers Fan Spotlight
  • Story about the Touchdown
  •  Making a Chargers Mask
  • Blinged Out Bolt Signs
  • Different Styles for Jerseys
  • Mini Blinged Out Helmet
  • Pricing of the Handmade items
  • Authentic Products
  • Bolts Hats
  • Payment Plans
  • @calibornbree

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