Cannabis Therapeutics for Health and Wellness with Dennis O’Neill

Adam Torres and Dennis O’Neill discuss cannabis therapeutics. 

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Show Notes:

The cannabis therapeutics industry is evolving rapidly. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Dennis O’Neill, President at BioMedican, explore Biomedican’s unique patented method of producing non-GMO rare cannabinoids like CBG, CBGA and THCV, THCVA.

About Dennis O’Neill

Dennis O’Neill has over 30 years experience as an Investment Banker. He helped start two of the largest regional Investments banks in Chicago then went on to Managing Director for Soft bank Investments/ E2Capital office in Chicago and raised over 2 billion dollars in capital for early stage companies to date. Mr. O’Neill has a significant amount of experience and success in Sales, Marketing, Financial Media, Business Development and Institutional Capital Raises. He is an expert and thought leader on Venture Capital, Private Equity, Blockchain and smallcap stocks and has spoken at over 75 conferences around the world.


Biomedican – A biotech startup company developed a unique patented method of producing pharmaceutical-grade, 100% organic, non-GMO rare cannabinoids, including


and high-value compounds using a proprietary organic biosynthesis platform at 70-90% lower cost than conventional methods.

In contrast to chemically synthesized compounds, our natural, 100% organic, non-GMO biosynthetic products are identical to those extracted from plants while offering higher purity than typically found in nature. Besides, the unique proprietary yeast is optimized to produce higher quantities of products at a lower cost than competing biosynthetic methods.