Carnet | The Merchandise Passport with Robert Sieger

Adam Torres and Robert Sieger discuss carnets.

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Show Notes:

Brexit changes things for the U.K. going forward. It’s residents may now need carnets to transport expensive equipment. In this episode, Adam Torres and Robert Sieger, CIO at Corporation for International Business, explore how carnets allow businesses to do business internationally.

About Corporation for International Business

Corporation for International Business, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kernow Capital Corporation (KCC), is one of several KCC affiliates specializing in ATA Carnets and Customs Duty guarantees.

CIB is headquartered in Barrington, Illinois, forty miles northwest of Chicago. Twenty years ago, CIB was established to issue and provide claims services for ATA Carnets as a Carnet Service Provider for the United States Council for International Business. From humble beginnings CIB has grown to the largest carnet-issuing office in the U.S. and is proud of a 45% market share. CIB has satellite locations in California, Texas, Montana and Florida.

Corporation for International Business is a privately held company under the management of Curt E.H. Wilson, Bruce A. Wilson, Leslie Levy August and Michael L. Host. Affiliated companies include Trade Risk Guaranty, Wyvern International Insurance Brokers,Trade Bridge International, Vectura-Underwriting and TBI Brokers.

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