Carter Wilcoxson Talks About Estate and Legacy Planning Solutions

Carter Wilcoxson, CEO and Co-Founder at ePIC Services Company, was interviewed by Adam Torres on Mission Matters Business Podcast.

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Carter Wilcoxson talks with Mission Matters about ePIC Services Company, which provides estate and legacy planning solutions for the digital age.

What mission matters to you? 

Driven by his zeal to help people find top-notch planning solutions all in one place, Wilcoxson says it’s his mission to help advisors guide their clients by “delivering education to them to eliminate family fracturing that happens when you don’t do the type of planning that we have incorporated.”

The goal, he notes, is to bridge the divide between people who have a plan to protect and enjoy their wealth in retirement and those who are not only at risk of outliving their retirement savings, but also at risk of having their legacy mishandled by heirs who are unprepared for the responsibility. Cloud-based planning solutions, he says, are an important tool advisors can use to empower their clients. 

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How did you get started on this path?

From flipping burgers at the age of 14 to becoming a national trainer for P.F. Chang’s, Wilcoxson says he’s been in the service industry in some capacity for most of his life. “I got into it just with that heart of helping people,” he recalls.

Drawing from that same well of enthusiasm, he eventually shifted into the estate and legacy planning industry, explaining, “I wanted to be able to connect not only with the advisor but also their end-user consumer in client acquisition, which is traditionally the challenge they face.”

“I spent time in the field, and I know what type of challenges they have,” he says, “and I wanted to meet those issues for them.”

What does “winning the relationship war” mean to you?

“How do you win the relationship war?” Wilcoxson asks. “You do it by planning. If you hang your hat on products, pricing, and performance, you can always be outmatched or outdone. But if you have a process that incorporates team, talent and technology, you can now win the relationship war that opens up the opportunity to really do something impactful.”

He lists three critical components of ePIC’s offerings: estate planning, financial planning, and legacy planning. “Those three planning techniques, by tapping into our ecosystem, help to win this war,” he says.

Tell us about the ePIC Services Company.

Since launching nationally, ePIC Services Company has been providing estate and legacy planning solutions to advisors and their clients around the US. 

Wilcoxson explains how comprehensive planning across domains was challenging for most people. “We wanted to address that by being the solution to collaboratively work and become an extension of these financial advisors’ team(s),” he says. “ePIC was designed to become the advisors’ and the advisors’ clients’ solution to all things in estate and legacy planning.” The team does this, he explains, by delivering on what it calls the “three Es”: to educate, enlighten, and empower clients to take action. 

To learn more, visit ePIC Services Company online.