Celebrating Women in Construction Week

In this episode of the Cool Times Podcast, Vince Free and Jenna Free interviewed Jess Malone, Program Manager, Food & Beverage at Alston Construction. Jess joined Alston in February of 2018 and has been instrumental in cultivating Food & Beverage relationships. Jess will continue to develop relationships, while coordinating preconstruction, process design and operational execution. Her extensive knowledge in the industry has helped Alston secure projects with Monster Energy, Crystal Geyser, Nestle and KPAC, to name a few.Her knowledge in the food and beverage industry has helped Alston secure jobs with Monster Energy, Crystal Geyser, Nestle and KPAC.

Alston Construction Company, Inc. provides construction services. The Company offers general contracting, design-build, pre-construction, energy, and environmental design services.

Watch Full Interview:

Story Notes:

  • Jess Malone’s Background and Experience
  • Able to Work in the Construction Field Despite Being a Woman
  • Advice to Women Starting in the Construction Industry
  • What does your Friend and Family Describe What you Do
  • Cool Moments in the Industry
  • What Makes you Stay in the Industry
  • All About Alston Construction
  • What Trade of Division do you find the Hardest
  • Favorite Trade Show

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