Challenging Thinking and Eliminating Blind Spots for CEOs with Leigh Priebe Kearney, PhD

Adam Torres and Leigh Kearney discuss LPK Consulting & Osprey Leadership Consulting.

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Show Notes: 

Many CEOs and C Suite executives have blind spots that they aren’t aware of in their companies. In this episode, Adam Torres interviewed Leigh Priebe Kearney, PhD, Founder & President of LPK Consulting & Osprey Leadership Consulting. Explore Leigh’s process to help CEOs and C Suite executives to eliminate blind spots and come up with new ways of thinking about challenges.

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About Leigh Priebe Kearney, PhD

Leigh Kearney possesses a deep and broad understanding of the human experience running a team and an organization in today’s chaotic business environment. Leigh leverages her broad experience interpreting the data underlying the human factors that drive results. Leigh skillfully and adeptly applies the key points from her early research with Harvard and Stanford’s medical schools where she was fortunate to be the first to apply both qualitative and quantitative measures to leader behavior in an operating room team environment.

After spending 10 years in Colorado Springs with the Center for Creative Leadership she co-founded Summit Leadership Solutions, a consulting firm focused on leveraging the research, application and hands-on lessons learned from working with senior executives who occupied the top two tiers of organizations around the globe. Subsequent to the successful sale of SLS to a global firm, Whitehead Mann (based in London, NYC and Boston) Leigh grew that business consulting with major global clients as well as managing the selection, development and organization assessment arm of the firm for North America. The Whitehead Mann transition ultimately led to Leigh’s return to her East Coast roots where she started Osprey Leadership Consulting in 2005 to apply her unique skills working with driven and talented leaders of very senior teams and boards through coaching, facilitation, assessment and design-focused consulting to leverage the human factors that drive business success.

About Osprey Leadership Consulting

Osprey Leadership Consulting is dedicated to the development of top leaders and leadership teams. For more than 15 years they have assessed talent, teams, and organizations to identify opportunities to increase effectiveness. They develop and coach executives and teams to support the creation of a performance-based culture that allows for the team to maximize results and sustain leadership success for the future challenges that are sure to come.

The Osprey approach is based upon experience with high-performing teams. They have years of experience studying the science behind effective business, medical and sports teams. Osprey has applied this understanding of high-performing individuals and teams to organizational leaders and executive teams across all industries. At Osprey, the science of team motivation and performance is combined with the art of coaching, facilitation and educating to provoke insight that produces individual growth, team development for future challenges and produces results any stakeholder expects.

Osprey work with clients begins from the organization’s mission. They are business and results-focused professionals who will share your goals and become committed to producing the results you desire. Osprey is successful when you accomplish your goals through optimal leveraging of the human factors that drive performance.