Changes in the Entertainment Industry with Marjorie DeHey, JD MBA

 Adam Torres and Marjorie DeHey discuss the entertainment industry.

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Show Notes:

The entertainment industry is rapidly evolving as content consumption preferences and distribution channels change. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Marjorie DeHey, JD MBA, Entertainment and Technology Attorney at EnTech Law, explore the current state of the entertainment industry.

About Marjorie DeHey

International business development advisor. Noted director and producer. Leading entertainment and technology attorney specializing in all facets of entertainment and corporate law for media & technology startups/emerging companies/venture capital seeking companies, studios, production companies, film & TV creators including specialized work in Mobile/Digital, Artificial Intelligence & Block Chain/Cryptocurrency. DeHey also has over 20 years experience as a technology and media executive who has brought over $100M in revenues for various film, television and digital media clients.


• Strategic Partnerships – Domestic and International

• Attorney versed in all phases of start-ups, emerging companies and raising venture capital

• Specializing in all phases of film/TV production, financing and distribution

• Expert at creating Revenue Generating Business Models for Fortune 500 Companies, Start-ups and SMEs

• Served as a film and technology consultant for numerous Governments and International Film Commissions including Canada, Brazil, Ireland and numerous other European countries

DeHey’s reputation for developing and executing profitable global strategies has enabled her to deliver value to companies and organizations such as: MGM Studios, Warner Brothers, MTV, Enterprise Ireland (an International Start-up Accelerator), LexisNexis, Sony, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Axis Entertainment, NBC/Universal as well as numerous leading start ups. DeHey also secured strategic partnerships and increased revenues upwards of $100M in revenue streams for various clients.  

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