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This week on Mills on the Mic, host Jen Mills and Hannah Kay are talk about their experience volunteering at the East Valley Animal Shelter through the Chargers Community and the Chargers Impact Fund. They discuss the amazing initiatives the Chargers Impact Fund has provided to the shelter, such as the donation of funds to create two large play areas, the donation of treats and fleece blankets, and even the payment of adoption fees. They also discuss the heartbreaking experience of seeing scared animals in the shelter and the importance of volunteering at animal shelters. Finally, Jen and Hannah shares how to get involved in volunteer opportunities and how to adopt a pet. Tune in this week to learn more about giving back and to hear Jen and Hannah’s fun stories from their volunteer experience.

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Story Notes:

  • Charger’s Impact Fund partnered with East Valley Animal Shelter to volunteer
  • Thousands of applicants wanting to volunteer at the animal shelter
  • Chargers donated items for adoptions and hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony with city officials and players
  • Two play yards created with fresh turf and padding
  • Dogs were scared in the kennels but were more playful in the play yards
  • For people interested in volunteering look up local animal shelters and get on the waitlist
  • Comment on video to be chosen for two free pet adoptions with Mills On the Mic

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