Charles C. Tyrrell and His Breakthrough in the Immigration Law Domain

Charles C. Tyrrell, Founder and Attorney at Tyrrell Law, PSC, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Business by Adam Torres.

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Entrepreneurs led by their mission often create inspiring stories, such as the journey of Charles C. Tyrrell, Founder and Attorney at Tyrrell Law, PSC. In this interview, Charles discusses the growing sphere of the law industry and highlights his entrepreneurial journey in the domain. He then talks about his firm, Tyrrell Law, and emphasizes the services they provide to help people as they immigrate to the US.

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Led by the desire to fulfill his father’s dream, Charles opted to study law to help people. He started representing insurance companies and defending their clients.  He spent several years representing the cruise lines in a wide variety of matters from personal injuries to business complaints.  However, this work did not fulfill him, and Charles switched to practicing immigration law, where he could help people improve their lives.

The Company

Charles considers it his mission to help people who want or need to leave their homeland immigrate to the US so that they can grow professionally and personally. Tyrrell Law believes immigration law provides opportunity for many that are looking to improve their situations. According to Charles, such work is rewarding and helps people make lasting changes in their way of life.

Discussing his company, Charles talks about their expansion to help clients in regions including Eastern Europe and Asia. Currently focused on South America, Tyrrell Law focuses primarily on business-based immigration. Charles loves to work with entrepreneurs who wish to develop their businesses in the USA and provide them a road map with his effective business plans and strategy. According to Charles, foreign entrepreneurs positively impact the US economy by increasing money spent in this country and creating jobs for American workers.  In fact, US history has clearly embraced foreign nationals who have had positive entrepreneurial impacts on the US, such as Nikola Tesla, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson.

The Ideal Clients

Charles shares, “If you are passionate about something, you are going to weather the storms!” while sharing his inclination towards guiding people through their challenges.

Discussing the ideal client, he emphasizes individuals in their late 40’s or early 50’s who are settled with their families and business and are looking for more opportunity in the United States that may not exist in their home countries. Charles explains further, “these people have the patience to keep moving forward and are willing to listen.”


For more than ten years, Tyrrell Law, PSC, has helped investors worldwide legally come to the United States. Clients come to them with ideas on what they want to do and how they want to invest. Tyrrell Law, PSC listens to their goals and ideas and develops an immigration plan and corporate structure that tailors to their needs and gives them flexibility with their investments. Once they have developed a plan, they then work with the clients to find businesses to invest in which meet their criteria and immigration regulations, establish a business plan for immigration purposes, which can also provide a road map on how to run the business, and provide guidance on how to help the company reach its full potential for immigration purposes. To know more about their services, visit Tyrrell Law, PSC, here and get your hands on their content-rich platform to get started!