Charles Crans , Offers Useful Lessons from 40 years in Risk / Cost Control with Design Build Special Foundations Contracting, Below Grade

In this episode of The Value Engineering Experts Podcast, Martin Halliwell talks to Charles Crans , Independent Geo-Structural Project Consultant at Charles G. Crans Geo-Structural Project Services. Charles has 35 years of experience in the Geo-Structural Contracting field. He is an experienced Heavy Civil Construction professional with a wide variety of skills accumulated throughout his career, and with proven success in managing complex Geo-Structural Construction, design development, business development, client relations, risk management, and mentoring junior engineers.

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Story Notes

  • Getting the Nickname Charles
  • Working C3 Environmental for 3 Years
  • Geo-Foundations
  • Geo-Structural Construction
  • Control with Design Build Foundations

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