Chinedu Akunne — from Nigeria to Louisiana

Today I want to introduce you Chinedu Akunne, my friend, fellow podcaster, and part of an entrepreneur support group called Side Hustle.  Chinedu immigrated from Nigeria, schooled in Louisiana, earned his doctorate in Pharmacy.  You will hear today how he overcame the challenges of being sponsored, getting a green card… and how he calculated a plan to be “employer free” in 7 years—that would be December 31, 2020.  Here’s how he achieved that plan and his Side-Hustle.
Show Notes:

· Chinedu’s early childhood growing up in Nigeria then boarding school for 6 years
· Chinedu and his father decide jointly for him to continue his studies  in the United States and what career path he would follow
· He earns his PhD in Pharmacy but how to get work with no sponsor or green card
· The 7-year plan and his side hustle.

To contact Chinedul Akunne:
 [email protected]

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