Chris Marentis on Empowering Business Owners to Succeed via Geography

Chris Marentis, Founder and CEO of Surefire Local, was interviewed by Adam Torres on Mission Matters Marketing Podcast.

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Chris Marentis talks with Mission Matters about leading his firm, Surefire Local, and providing resources to local business owners that help them better market their products and captivate their target audiences.

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What mission matters to you? 

Driven by a mission to empower small business owners and bring them closer to their local audiences, Marentis says his company’s main objective is “really helping entrepreneurs build a steady pipeline of new, high-value new customers and manage that customer relationship in this modern marketing paradigm.”

Highlighting the need for marketing tactics to be more targeted, Marentis discusses the power of local. “If entrepreneurs just did a few things across all the new channels in a consistent strategy, both from structured data information about their company as well as recency, proximity and relevancy signals across all these channels, they could actually raise their visibility and bring down their overall marketing costs.”

The importance of using the right resources well

Marentis shares that by using the correct tools and targeting, Surefire Local guides businesses toward quicker conversions. “Our technology stack and workflows are specifically built to generate new customers within a local geography,“ he says.

“If you have structured data in Google My Business and it’s pushed to all the other places on the internet, the machines give you more authority as a business, and then that authority translates to them trusting you more so they’re more likely to serve you up in a search.”

What services does Surefire Local offer?

Surefire Local helps businesses keep up with the changing marketing needs and identifies which channels to trust for reaching intended customers. As Marentis explains: “We help a business manage the way customers interact with them across all sorts of SEO channels, paid media channels like Google, and with tools including  email marketing and text messaging your customers.”

“We give you some benchmarking so you know how well you’re doing relative to others,” he says,  noting the need for strong competitive analysis, “and also share certain deep insights into how you could improve.”

How easy is it for clients to start working with you?

“Taking the burden off of the business owner, we have an onboarding team,” Marentis notes. “You get an onboarding manager whose sole job is to connect all these things… some of which you probably have existing. For all those entrepreneurs that are competitive and want to win, we’re giving you all those tools to be able to do that.”

Looking ahead to 2022, he says, “We just want to continue to serve the needs of our customers. We are very much about entrepreneurs and want to be the champion hero brand for entrepreneurs.”

To learn more, visit Surefire Local online.