Chris Parsons on How Christian Men Can Enjoy the Marriage of Their Dreams

Chris Parsons, Entrepreneur and Transformation Expert at Elevated Husbands, was interviewed by Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Business Podcast.

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Chris Parsons says he’s on a mission to help men restore their marriages through the lens of Christian beliefs. Through his platform, he offers coaching and motivational speaking engagements aimed at tackling the obstacles marriages can face. 

How did the journey start?

Parsons says he became an atheist at the age of five when he found out his parents had lied to him about the existence of Santa Claus. Later, towards the end of college, he saw a beautiful sunset—”one of those sunsets where it looks like God just painted the sky with all the different colors of purple and orange,” he remembers, and the experience made him believe in God. When he started dating his now wife, he slowly started going to church. Today, he says he loves spreading the word and helping people understand what a difference being a Christian can make in a person’s life and, specifically, in their marriage.

How did you start coaching Christian men in their marriages?

Noting that he used to be more “bullheaded” and “prideful,” Parsons says he suffered from depression after being married a few years when he and his wife found themselves on the brink of divorce, both angry and hurt by the other. At that point, he decided to embark on a journey to save his marriage. Within a year, their issues were resolved, and he says it set him on a path to share those lessons learned with others who might be struggling, too. It began through helping family and friends from Bible study and expanded from there…

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What causes problems in a marriage?

Parsons says there are two leading marriage problems: living like roommates and arguing. Living like roommates, he explains, involves taking care of each other but without passion or spiritual intimacy. Arguing, he says, is either due to not appreciating each other’s values or holding onto past hurts.

Elevated Husbands

Elevated Husbands offers a marriage reset program predicated on the idea that if there is an open line of communication, any issue in a marriage can be resolved. Parsons says the program helps men by showing them the path to success, which is effectively paved with a sense of empowerment and dedication to create positive changes.

The Happy, Healthy Marriage Reset Program, he notes, runs for 12 weeks, including eight hours of content to help men understand the real dynamics affecting their wife and marriage. Explaining that he believes people have the power to create heaven or hell on earth, he says being in an unhappy marriage is like living in hell. By bringing our best selves into a partnership, paradise can be experienced through passion, meeting one another’s needs, sharing values, and understanding one another. These, he says, are key elements for a happy marriage. 

What’s next for you?

Parsons says he wants to reach more men and create training around successful parenting as well.

To learn more, visit www.elevatedhusbands.com or follow Chris Parsons and Elevated Husbands on Facebook.