Chris Stiner, Senior Executive of Account Services at Media Culture, Interviewed by Adam Torres.

Chris Stiner on Helping Businesses Grow Through TV Advertising and Connected TV

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Austin-based business leader Chris Stiner, Senior Executive of Account Services at Media Culture, was interviewed by leading LA-based podcaster Adam Torres of Mission Matters Business Podcast on the topic of business growth through traditional and connected TV advertising.

Chris Stiner’s mission is to create a space where his clients can thrive and exceed their goals. In this episode, he talks about what Media Culture is doing to provide flexible media support to budding and established brands alike. 

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In this podcast, the host covers:

  • What led Stiner to the world of advertising?
  • How were the early days of media different from today?
  • What advertising opportunities can connected TV provide?
  • What are the biggest differences between traditional and connected TV advertising?
  • What’s Stiner’s opinion on Netflix’s ad streaming trajectory?
  • What services does Media Culture offer, and to what kind of clients?
  • How should a new company approach its TV-based marketing today?
  • How can a company ensure they are in the right agency partnership?
  • What’s next for Media Culture?

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