CliqueMJ Helps Cannabis Retailers Increase Top-Line Revenue with Rami Sahhar

Adam Torres and Rami Sahhar discuss CliqueMJ.

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Show Notes:

The cannabis retail space is extremely competitive. How does a retailer get an edge on the competition? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Rami Sahhar, Founder & CEO at CliqueMJ, explore how CliqueMJ is increasing customer satisfaction while gamifying engagement.

About Rami Sahhar

I started off doing business development for a construction company in one of the fastest growing countries in the world and proud to have assisted in closing landmark projects such as stadiums, metro’s and infrastructure projects. Since then I have co-founded a pure / organic skincare company in an industry of chemicals & parabens, Biovaj, based out of Newport Beach, CA. I then moved on to cannabis technology because I noticed the lack of customer retention software within the industry.

About CliqueMJ

CliqueMJ enables a dispensary to become a valuable member of its community by combining cannabis & non-cannabis offers. CliqueMJ empowers dispensaries to drive more revenue through enhanced customer engagement via its loyalty app and marketing platform. The mobile application allows each user to engage the CliqueMJ network of dispensaries, share with friends and enjoy discounts on cannabis & non-cannabis products.

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