Closing the Gap Between Strategy & Execution with Amit Bhambi

Adam Torres and Amit Bhambi discuss strategy and execution.

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Show Notes:

Strategy and execution are two vital components of any successful business. But what happens when a business lacks either of these ingredients? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Amit Bhambi, Founder & President at Bhambi & Associates, explore what it takes for a business to operate more effectively.

About Bhambi & Associate

Bridging the gap between strategy, operations and execution. 

Bhambi & Associates works to understand our clients unique needs and develop custom solutions with a focus on execution. We engage our clients at various stages to help in developing a strategy, executing key initiatives and by providing talented support resources for ongoing support. Our team members come from diverse backgrounds with consulting firms and industry leaders and can provide the right services to help clients meet their changing needs.

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