Cohley Partners with TikTok to Deliver Top-Quality Content

Adam Torres and Tom Logan discuss Cohley.

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Tom Logan, Co-Founder & CEO at Cohley, is interviewed on Mission Matters Business Podcast with Adam Torres.

In this in-depth interview, Tom Logan discusses TikTok’s Marketing Partner Program for Advertisers with Cohley, an NYC-based start-up providing brands and agencies with high-quality content. 

This partnership provides big fashion brands and individuals with user-generated content to create a more authentic story behind the brand.

“It all started in 2014 when Erik Graber and I recognized an opportunity in connecting brands to a network of creators for the right brand collaboration. And now the organization feels proud to be one of the first approved partners helping brands with new opportunities on TikTok,” said Tom Logan.

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With the help of influencers, content creators, photographers, videographers, and product reviewers, Cohley gets brands the content they need at a much lower cost, leading to significantly better performance.

Cohley’s focus has shifted from a single method to various marketing strategies to one-on-one service with different individuals across different channels to provide them with strategic content.

Cohley’s Proprietary Four-Step Process

Step 1: Generate

User-generating content is not restricted to provide the actual content; Cohley focuses on pushing it out to channels that need it the most. “To meet the needs of different companies, Cohley acts as the content machine, and through product reviews, website photographs, we try to provide the widest scope of creative aspects of content to our clients,” explains Tom.

Step 2: Activate

Next, Cohley helps you grow your brand by adding value and using analytics to discover how your brand grows through content. 

Step 3: Measure

Through sophisticated marketing programs, Cohley consistently tests and analyzes data to measure content strategies’ results effectively.

Step 4: Inform

This step focuses on taking content marketing efforts to the next level. The content engineering process helps brands focus on their goals and follow a well-established practice.


The TikTok business marketing program from Cohley is meant to connect advertisers with trusted content strategists who can help them succeed on TikTok. With a vast number of individuals and brands utilizing the platform, Cohley’s goal is to build new opportunities for marketers to create meaningful engagement with the TikTok community.

Everything from product reviews, videos, launching a new product, and professional photography and videography, this partnership is intended to provide a creative and joyful experience to brand partners and the broader TikTok community.

Any brand needing content, running advertisements, or looking for content marketing strategies to grow more should connect with Cohley for more information. 


Tom Logan is a Co-Founder & CEO at Cohley, a leading content generation platform offering brands new ways to grow significantly. Cohley’s content engineering process allows different brands to quickly get a variety of content, including user-generated content, video assets, commercial photography, influencer activations, and on-site product reviews.

Find more information about Cohley at https://www.cohley.com/.

You can also follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter.