Cold Storage, High-Speed Doors, & Sales 101

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In this episode of the Cool Times Podcast, Vince Free and Jenna Free interviewed John Hatters, National Sales Manager of Industrial Solutions at Jamison Door Company. John is an experienced National Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the building materials industry. He is skilled in Negotiation, Management, Sales, and Sales Operations. Strong sales and management professional.

Jamison Door Company provides entry and exit solutions for a variety of applications and industries. You can expect a high-quality, engineered product that will work immediately and for many years to come. Jamison Door’s reputation is best-in-class for cold storage. Manufactured by highly skilled engineers, craftspeople, and factory members, their specialty doors are made with pride, strength, stability, and long-lasting quality.

Watch Full Interview:

Story Notes:

  •  John Hatters Background
  •  Learning Different Market Sales other than the Cold Storage Industry
  •  Cool Stories and Moments in your Career
  •  Selling HTR Doors
  •  Merging Jamison Door
  •  Why Buy from John Hatters
  •  Best Trade Show

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