Collaborative Law Encourages A Client-first, Peacemaking Approach to Resolving Conflict

Adam Torres and Kevin Scudder discuss collaborative law.

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Show Notes: 

Collaborative law is a practice that aims to make peace and resolve conflicts without lengthy legal battles. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Kevin Scudder, Owner at Seattle Collaborative Law Center, PLLC. Explore Kevin’s mission to change the way law is practiced in the Pacific Northwest, and around the world.

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About Kevin Scudder

Kevin Scudder is a lawyer and mediator. He works with families to help them create out of court resolutions that reflect what each of them feels is fair and just rather than having a third party impose a resolution on them. This work results in durable agreements that minimize the emotional and financial impact on the families with whom he works, in addition to benefiting children as the conflict between their parents is reduced. He’s an advocate of Peacemaking: Let It Begin With Me, and works to model that approach to life and work as a daily practice.

Area(s) of Practice: Collaborative Attorney, Mediator, Family Law, Personal Injury, Estate Planning, Probate

About Seattle Collaborative Law Center, PLLC:

Kevin R. Scudder, the inspiration behind the Seattle Collaborative Law Center (SCLC), has been providing quality legal services to clients in King, Snohomish, Pierce and Island counties since 1995 as the Law Offices of Kevin R. Scudder.

Through SCLC we are making a commitment to going “all-in” on client (family / children) focused out-of-court resolutions that put the family, and your pocket-book, first.  There is a “yes” behind every “no” and we are trained and committed to use all of our skills to provide you all the information you need to help you identify what you and  your spouse / partner can say “yes” to without the need to delegate your decision-making to a third party decision-maker.

Ours is exciting and challenging work.  By maintaining a no contested court proceeding philosophy you know what you get with SCLC:

100% of our care and attention.

The Seattle Collaborative Law Center is committed to providing a place for consumers and professionals to come to be educated and to receive quality, compassionate professional services.