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Combating Rising Insurance Premiums with Sri Ramaswamy

Adam Torres and Sri Ramaswamy discuss how to combat rising insurance premiums.

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Show Notes:

Rising insurance premiums are a concern for many. But what can a consumer do to protect themselves? In this episode, Adam Torres and Sri Ramaswamy, Founder & CEO of Infinilytics Inc, explore what consumers can do to combat rising insurance premiums. 

About Infinilytics Inc.

Infinilytics is a growing advanced analytics company that has harnessed artificial intelligence with an expert system for claims and underwriting. The smartC™ platform encompasses fraud detection and mitigation, litigation prediction, and process automation. 

In August, 2018, Infinilytics is launching a new solution for the smartC™ platform:  The smartCBot, an intelligent assistant for the claims examiner. The smartCBot was created to assist the claims examiner in receiving and processing a claim. 

The smartCBot is an artificial intelligence based bot (robotic process algorithm) that analyzes claim notes and unstructured data, and then recommends additional questions and actions for the claims examiner. The bot (robotic process algorithm) thus becomes an intelligent assistant in the business process. Think of the mantra: Right Data, Right Time, Right Person, Right Decision in an automated process – the power of artificial intelligence.

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