Commoditization of Algorithms with Daniel Huss

Adam Torres and Daniel Huss discuss commoditizing algorithms.

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Show Notes:

Having access to algorithms was once reserved for large companies with data scientists. That is all changing. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Daniel Huss, Founder at gravityAI, explore how gravityAI’s marketplace is democratizing access to algorithms for many.

About Daniel Huss

In another life Daniel Huss should have been a physicist. That’s out of the question now, so now he tries to fake it by It by applying as much scientific method as he can to product development and entrepreneurship. This has led him to value uncertainty and ambiguity, and have a default setting to “build, measure, learn.”

When an organization decides to embark on using technology, specifically AI, to introduce a new product to their customer base, they often fail to cross the chasm between “research project” and “desirable product.” Daniel Huss bridge that gap by embodying the values above, being the voice of the customer ad nauseam, evangelizing cross-functional development teams, and relentlessly testing.

He just happens to do these things currently as the Head of Product Management for Verus within State Street Corporation. Prior to making the jump to STT, he laid the foundation for the very product he is building now with Boston Consulting Group, Digital Ventures.

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